10 Ways To Troubleshoot Automated Garage Door Faults

10 Ways To Troubleshoot Automated Garage Door Faults

Key Takeaways:

  • Troubleshooting your garage doors begins with checking the garage switch and seeing if it’s working.
  • The keypad or remote control is another common issue, so please ensure that it’s properly connected and that the batteries are still alive.
  • With some essential garage door maintenance tips, you can enhance the longevity of your automated garage door.
  • You can get professional help if you continue to experience problems with your garage doors, as these issues could be a sign of a more serious issue.

Whether your garage space is for your cars or just home supplies tucked away in storage boxes, properly functioning garage doors is vital in providing security and shelter. Suppose you’ve run into a fault or malfunction in your automated garage door. In that case, we at B&B Roofing will help you diagnose the underlying issue and provide tried-and-tested troubleshooting tips for garage door maintenance..

Understanding the nature and source of the problem will help us devise a solution to your problem. Just use the process of elimination by ticking off each of the recommended troubleshooting methods until you find the root of the issue. It can be as simple as dead batteries or something as drastic as a burnt-out motor. For each fault, we have a solution, and with each answer, we have a happy customer.

Electric garage doors operate on remote or switched-based technology. A fault in the mechanisms underpinning the automation may be the cause of malfunctioning garage doors.

The Garage Door Switch Needs Fixing. 

Faulty photo-eye

A common component of automated garage doors is the photo eye. One light sensor at either end of the door scans the immediate area in front of the door by projecting a beam. If this beam is interrupted by an object or a person, the door will not close. This safety feature prevents injury or damage to anything blocking its path. Although, note that this feature only affects your garage door closing. A faulty photo eye may not be the issue if your door cannot open.

Loose/Unplugged motor

Sometimes the simplest answer is that the motor that powers the doors is unplugged. Ensure all motor components are working correctly, and tighten loose plugs. This remedy should solve your problem and also reduce the potential for fire hazards.

Tripped circuit breaker

So your motor is plugged in correctly, and the garage door is not locked, but it’s still not working. The issue may be a tripped circuit breaker. We recommend enlisting the help of trained professionals to inspect the electrical work.

Burnt out motor

If you’ve tried everything, but your garage door still won’t budge, the problem may be that your motor is burnt out. The only way around this is to have it replaced.

The Garage Door Keypad/Remote Isn’t Working. 

Locked doors

The most straightforward answer may be that you have locked the door. Your garage door has three buttons, one for opening and closing and the last for locking down the garage. Check if the button to engage the locking mechanism has yet to be activated and try again.

Dead batteries

The batteries in your remote control may be out and need to be replaced. Usually, simply replacing the spent battery will solve the issue.

Out of range 

Wireless remote control typically has a concise range. So, if your remote is not working, try moving closer to the sensor inside the garage. If your garage door opens just fine with a hardwired switch, it may be time to replace the batteries in your remote.

Garage doors close unevenly

The doors actually, one or both of the doors are only partially closed. This could be an indication that the garage door limits are off. Limits tell the door when they start or stop, close/open.

Noisy garage doors

In some cases, when doors make much noise during opening or closing, it could result from dried-up lubricant in the rollers. We recommend applying a lubricant containing silicone to reduce the squeaking or seeking professional help.

Track misalignment

These doors run on metal tracks that must be appropriately aligned to function properly. This is a result of gaps between your rail and rollers. The weight of heavy doors can further exacerbate this misalignment of the tracks. The common reason for this is the old age of door tracks. Consider tightening or loosening the bolts on your route mounting bracket or replacing your old door tracks to help alleviate this issue.

Broken springs

Contrary to popular belief, it is heavy-duty springs on the doors and not the motor that does all the heavy lifting in automated garages. In case of broken or damaged springs, your garage door will still open but require manual effort. Do not use your door opener, as it will burn out the motor. Instead, we try replacing the damaged or broken spring.


Essential maintenance tips for your automated garage door:

As they say, prevention is the best treatment. If you frequently encounter technical issues with your motorized garage doors, it may help to inspect the motor and related components during scheduled maintenance routinely. Here are some quick tips that you can keep in mind the next time you are carrying out routine garage door maintenance of the doors:

● Make sure to tighten any loose screws or hardware components that may interfere with function. This will also help prevent any unusual noises during use.

● Ensure proper lubrication of all joints and rollers. Not only will this help prevent blockage in tracks, but it also delays wear and tear over time

● Professionals should approve the essential components that keep your automated garage door working.

● Clean and wash the doors routinely to avoid build-up of dirt or debris that may block your motors or joints.

● Checkpoints of attachment for bends, misalignment, or damage.

● Employ annual garage door service and maintenance. A professional will assess your automatic garage doors and recommend steps to improve and increase the shelf life of your equipment.

● Remember to operate the doors with care and kindness continuously. Rough use and little care can result in degraded controls or a damaged mechanism.

Ending Note:

Garage doors are an essential component of completing your home. So if you’re having trouble fixing your automated garage doors, or are just in the market looking for one, consider our garage door services at B&B Roofing, serving Burleson, TX. We provide round-the-clock support and skilled individuals who offer top-of-the-line products and services.

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