11 Reasons To Start Using Drones For Roof Inspection

11 Reasons To Start Using Drones For Roof Inspection

Key Takeaways:

-With drone roof inspection, you can get a bird’s eye view of your roof and identify any potential problems.

-Drones can help you save time and money on roof inspection and maintenance.

-Drone inspection can help you to identify potential hazards and avoid them in the future.

-You can safely inspect roofs and avoid injury using drones.

Gone are the days when we needed to climb up ladders or scale buildings to get a good look at the damage on the roof. Now we have drones! Drones have quickly become a valuable tool for roofing companies. They enable the roofers to safely and efficiently assess the roof’s condition without putting themselves in danger.

The roofing industry is eagerly adopting drones to help with roof inspections.

Drones for roof inspection are a growing trend in the US. Today, more companies are turning toward drone roofing inspections for many reasons.

Let’s explore some of the most appealing reasons to use drones for roofing.

Next to no equipment downtime

Unlike other technologies, drones don’t need many supplies to function; they only need to be charged. You can use a drone as often as you want for roof inspection without worrying about the drone itself. Thus, the downtime for drone roof inspection is next to none since you’re not waiting for the drone to be repaired or replaced.

Faster and easier to deploy

Let’s begin with how regular roof inspection is done. For example, if you wanted to inspect a commercial roof, you would have to bring out a ladder, set it up, and then hope that the rooftop doesn’t have any holes. Even if the roof is safe to walk on, it would still take time to bring out the ladder and set it up.

Now, let’s compare that to drone roof inspection. All you need to do is bring out the drone and fly it to the roof. No ladders are required, and the process is a lot quicker.

A detailed risk-free analysis

Ladders cause many accidents, so you must be careful when using them. Drones eliminate this safety hazard. Drones can be used to take high-resolution photos and videos of your roof. Now you have a detailed and up-close analysis of your roof without putting yourself in danger.

A detailed risk-free analysis

A bird’s eye view

There can be no better alternative to getting a detailed inspection of your roof than by using a drone. Smart technologies and high-tech cameras on drones enable you to spot even the most minuscule damage on your roof. This would otherwise have gone unnoticed until it became a significant problem.

Easy on the pocket

Oh wait, didn’t a drone cost an arm and a leg? Well, not anymore! However, the good news is that the technology has become so advanced and widespread that the cost of drones gradually decreases with time. You can contact a trusted roofing company already providing drone inspection. These professionals will have top-of-the-line drones with the most advanced features, giving you an assessment that is second to none.

A small hospital bill

Health insurance is on the roof, and those who can afford it still have to pay massive hospital bills. By ensuring that you stay safe and not rely on physical means of roof inspection, you can avoid any potential medical bills that come with a roofing injury.

Besides, your health and safety are your two most precious things.

Drone inspection is convenient.

It can be challenging to schedule a convenient time for someone to come and inspect your roof. You must put your business engagements on hold, take time off from work, or make arrangements for someone to be home. With a drone, you can have your roof inspected at any time that is convenient for you.

You can also get a drone inspection done more frequently than you could a traditional roof inspection. Flying a drone is less expensive and time-consuming than sending someone on a roof.

A comparative analysis

Here’s an interesting thought: how do you know that your roof is in good condition if you’ve never seen it? With specialized drone inspections, your roofing company can give you a before and after analysis of your roof. Doing so can make much difference when you catch the potential issues in earlier stages and devise a strategy.

Drone roof inspection is precise.

It’s very easy for drones to get into tight spaces that a human simply can’t. This makes them perfect for inspecting areas like the roofline, where people can’t safely go. You get a close-up view of the condition of your roof with a drone, which can help catch problems early.

Lowers your insurance cost

From a corporate perspective, one of the main reasons you should get your roof regularly inspected is to keep your insurance rates low. Having made it clear that personal inspections are time-consuming and can delay the process manifolds, drone inspections enable you to keep a tab on the roofing condition, thereby reducing the number of insurance claims. You can now stay on top of potential repairs, saving you money in the long haul.

Drones are cool!

Lastly, you should lean towards drone roof inspection because of its trendiness. They are the newest, fantastic technology in town. With their ever-growing popularity, it makes sense to put your roofing company ahead of the curve. Drones are the future, and there is no doubt about it.

End Note: 

Although drones are becoming increasingly popular for personal use, they can also be used in a business setting to increase efficiency and productivity. If you intend not to rely on drones soon, you need a roof that can withstand several years without any inspection. 

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